Moving Mountains For Family

You’ve heard the buzz about 30 Days to Family® and have read up on the solid evidence and outcomes achieved for youth first entering care. The question is posed to us time and time again, “What if those same philosophies and techniques were applied to ALL children and families?” We answer this call with Moving Mountains for Family.

Moving Mountains for Family is an intense training package designed to encompass both the dynamic family search & engagement training as well as the hands-on technical assistance following the training to infuse the urgency and relentlessness of partnering with family into your agency’s culture and daily practice. Whether the child is on the verge of entering care or has been in the system for some time, they deserve to be connected to family, and we pride ourselves on working with agencies to make it happen.

Is your agency ready to Move Mountains for Family? Reach out to Patrick Pisani at to get the ball in motion!