We’ve gathered a series of useful tools, techniques, and resources to assist professionals with searching for family, engaging with youth and families, setting up families for stability and success, and so much more!

Here you’ll find a list with clickable links to various websites we’ve found useful for finding family. Please let us know if you have a great site we should add to our list!

Here you’ll find toolkits, guides, prompts, and scripts to start having meaningful conversations with children and families. Sometimes having difficult conversations can be stressful and overwhelming for both professionals and relatives. Check out these techniques to help!

The “savior mentality” has been all too pervasive in child welfare for too long. That is, that getting children into trained, afluent, foster homes is the way to help them. But by disregarding racial, cultural, and social connections in the process, we’ve done more harm than good. Check out this collection of resources to help fix this!

Here you’ll find both tools that you can print off and put into practice right away to bolster your work, as well as possible activities to use during engagement with children and families to develop deep rapport.

Here you’ll find guides, publications, and thought provoking reads on how we can do better in promoting reunification for children in foster care. Though getting back home is the stated goal of the child welfare system, it gets in it’s own way in achieving this. Visit to learn more!